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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Favorite Memory of 2009

Be sure to turn off the music player TO THE RIGHT before viewing this short video clip. It is of Jake, Richard, and Hunter singing "Almost Home" by Craig Morgan. Jake has a beautiful voice and his singing is one of the things missed most since he moved out. I am sure I will watch this video a thousand times during the 18 months he is deployed.

This is the last time Hunter will see Jake until he gets home. Jake has always been Hunter's hero... even before he joined the Army. About ten of Jake's buddies were in and out of the house...and it was some kind of hunting season, so the house is really a mess...sorry for that eye sore.

What I want you to see is the look on Hunter's face as he sings with his Uncle Jake. The boys, all of them, and sometimes the girls, sang for a long time - especially after Mom and Dad showed up. I sure wish I had captured the entire song. God bless and I hope you enjoy!

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