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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blessed are those who mourn...

Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

We tend to associate the word mourn/mourning with the loss of a loved one. The very definition is to show grief or express sorrow for a death…to grieve over someone who has died. I ask you, “What if that someone is your own self?” What if the loss is not in death but in reality?

From time to time we all experience disillusionment or melancholy brought on by external factors (usually) beyond our control. But what happens when melancholy turns to despair and like a ball dropped from the top of the Empire State Building that despair gains velocity and smashes into the sidewalk of life… a splatter mark of hopelessness and anguish… splashing friends, co-workers, and loved ones alike with the backlash of depression?

What if the life coming unraveled is your spouse, your child, your parent, your friend?

It is so easy for people who have never experienced depression to sit upon the seat of judgment feigning Christian brotherhood/sisterhood and offer up tidbits of advice such as, “It is an attack of the devil and all you have to do is believe harder, confess whatever sin, and cast him out and you will be fine.” Ha! The advice of Job’s contemporaries runs rampant upon the lips of the saints today.

Maybe the belief is sincere and the advice given with the purest of motivation however would such a saint offer up this same advice to a fellow Christian (or non-Christian for that matter) who was losing a battle with cancer? I think not! If you would not give this advice to a cancer patient why would you offer it up to someone suffering with clinical depression?

Now a true saint, a mature in the Word saint, would drop to their knees in heart-felt prayer for healing, for comfort, for wisdom no matter the illness. They might even rally the saints for an old fashioned, anointing with oil, laying on of hands, casting out the demon, and actually pray down a healing. Then again, a healing might not come and the battle for sanity becomes a life-long endeavor.

After all the Lord himself told Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in your weakness.” This after Paul had prayed three times for the Lord to remove the thorn in his flesh. In 2 Corinthians 12:7 Paul refers to his thorn as a “measure of Satan to torment me.”

For now, this day, we grasp the hem of His garment and hold fast to the faith that will move mountains, and walk in the assurance that our Redeemer lives and has power over the destroyer. That battle was won on the cross a long time ago! We take comfort that while our family may walk a steep and treacherous path through this thing called depression… whether for a season or a lifetime… He is still in control… He is still on the throne… My God is a MOUNTAIN MOVER!


  1. Three years ago i went through 90 days of severe depression. Never ever came close to that before. It was terrifying. We found out it was being caused by a new medication i had been on for 60 days prior to the medication. I began recovery the day I changed meds.

    So many basically said "get over it!" NEVER will I ever use those words again - they hurt! THey don't solve any thing. Depression is a severe illness that needs help. God is able! I thank God for those who rallied behind me and helped me through that time in my life.

  2. I have been through severe depression. It is nothing to be flippant about, but unfortunately, many Christians are, telling you to "just get over it" or "just serve others" or "just trust the Lord." I cringe when Christians with no medical training counsel those who are in depression. This is dangerous. Depression is a serious medical condition, with many causes, and if untreated can result in medical problems or even suicide. Sometimes simply counseling works; sometimes medication is needed. It depends on how severe the depression is, or what caused it.

    Indian Lake Papa, my father in law had severe depression caused by a wrong medication (strong doses of female hormone to control the testicular cancer) which caused non-stop uncontrollable crying; when he was taken off that medication, the depression went away. Depression has many causes. Glad you have recovered!

    In once had a thyroid condition (I didn't know I had it, it was discovered during a routine exam when blood was drawn) which caused depression. When I started taking thyroid medication, the depression went away.

    And major depression is usually "incident related" from various kinds of emotional or physical trauma. You need the help of the medical community.

    Sorry for the "book" Theresa! I've been seeing a lot of this subject on the blogs lately, making Christians feel guilty for being depressed, like it is their fault, and flippantly telling Christians they should not seek medical help. Bad advice!

  3. Beautifully said. And it is a journey we that love one another will walk, no matter the challenge, the hurdles. Our God is in Control. He is the CONQUEROR!


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