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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2 THINGS - Meme

Saw this over at Penless Writer who saw it at Home On The Range and it was new to me and looked like fun so decided to do it.

two names you go by: Theresa or Ms. Theresa, of course, but tons of kids (now adults) call me Moma Tees... however, my favorite...Granna! oh, that's three...

two parts of your heritage: French and Hillbilly... that counts right?

two things that scare you: Failing to follow God's direction and loosing my husband

two everyday essentials: My computer & coffee

two things you are wearing right now: Sweats and flip-flops

two things you want in a relationship (other than love): Integrity and loyalty

two favorite hobbies: Blogging & cooking

two things you have to do this week: House work and turn 50!

two stores you shop at: Kroger & Wal Mart

two favorite sports: BASEBALL and golf

two shows you like to watch: I hate to admit it, Survivor is my favorite. Undercover Boss is pretty good too.

two things you’d buy if money were no object: I would re-do my kitchen and buy a truck.

two wishes for 2011: My boys to do well (and continue to seek God's will) in their new lives as single men and that I could spend more time with my youngest grandson, Erick.

If you decide to participate in this Meme please let me know so I can come read yours!!!

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  1. LOL I love these! I did one too so you can go read my answers. Part hillbilly...LOL!


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