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Monday, July 14, 2008

Princess Isabella is a Thief!

We recently acquired a new puppy, an eight month old Chihuahua whom we named Princess Isabella. Jake calls her Dizzy Izzy and Jimmy calls her Taco Bell, but luckily for us, she will answer to just about anything.

We had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy around and it took us a while to get used to having a second dog in the house, especially one so tiny and loud! Poor Bruno just wanted to be her friend but it took her a couple of weeks to warm up to him and for her to get comfortable in her new surroundings. Now she thinks she runs the place!

Most small dogs like to find a high place to rest. It keeps them from getting stepped on and Isabella is no different. She loves the back of the couch and perches there to watch as I work or play on the computer, as she is doing now. She watches every move I make and is ready to pounce the minute I begin to get up for a cup of coffee or to turn the computer off.

One thing we have learned about our precious little princess is that she is a thief! It started one day when we couldn’t find the remote for the television in the living room. We had watched a movie the night before and instead of changing the set back to TV mode, we just turned it off. You know you can’t change that back with out the remote control, right? It was quite a sight at five in the morning searching the couch cushions, looking under chairs, between the arms of the recliner…searching to no avail and finally giving up and watching the morning news in the bedroom. A couple of days later while doing laundry the remote flew out of her carrier along with her “blankie.”

We never actually see her stealing things…remotes, pens and pencils from the cup on the desk, screw drivers, stray socks, wet washcloths from the side of the tub, pieces of aluminum foil from the trash, Jake’s watch from the coffee table…no we never see her taking them but we always know where to find them! Now we first look in her carrier or in her little pink bed and sure enough…there the missing treasure can be retrieved.

I really hate to make this comparison but she acts like the devil…he has come into the world to kill, steal, and destroy. The first time when we couldn’t find that remote…we turned the living room upside down searching and searching and finally gave up. Thankfully, while doing my household duties it showed up.

Like that dog, we never actually see the devil lurking around, perched watching our every move…waiting for us to step away from God just enough so he can get in there and steal something from us…happiness, children, spouses, energy, time, finances, enthusiasm, passion and before you know it he has a treasure trove of things that once belonged to us.

Sometimes, we look for those things in the wrong places…under the cushions in worldly places, between the arms of someone wrong…searching to no avail and finally giving up. However, if we do our duty…reading our Bible faithfully, attending church regularly, serving God, seeking HIM…what was stolen sometimes will fly right out at us while we are not looking. As we grow in the grace, mercy, and love of God we realize when something all of the sudden turns up missing all we have to do is look in those few places and retrieve what was stolen from us.

Are you missing something today? Has something been stolen from you? Don't look to the world for it's replacement...seek first the Kingdom of God...and you will find your missing treasures.

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