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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Refrigerator Reflections

Now that I have settled into this new phase of my life...you know the staying/working at home. I am excited to have time to focus on things that used to be done in a hurry, hap hazardously. Like cleaning out the refrigerator - man I should have done that a bit more often! Having an 18 year old son we usually don’t have leftovers but I also find odd things pushed up against the very back.

To this day Jake loves those vanilla pudding cups and can consume 3 or 4 in a matter of minutes but sometimes he sticks an open one in the fridge thinking he will return shortly to finish off the tasty snack. Do you know what one of those looks like after being stuck in the back of the refrigerator for a couple of weeks? It develops a crust and as the moisture slowly evaporates it leaves a hard and cracked piece of disgusting looking gunk. It makes one wonder how this thing could have ever been soft, sweet, and delicious. As I chucked that little cup into the trash I thought about the "Christian" heart, my heart.

When a person comes face to face with the Holy Spirit and accepts Christ as their personal Savior their heart becomes like that fresh pudding cup - soft and squishy. A new heart in a reborn person… how glorious, how exciting! Then along come the trials and tribulations of everyday life. It seems we are assaulted at every turn! Illness, hurtful attitudes from others, words unspoken, deeds undone, bitterness, unforgiving, merciless, vindictive attitudes, and more… in a life lived in a hurry. If we harbor these things in our hearts it is just like that pudding that has been shoved to the back of the fridge. Our hearts begin to get a crust and dry up. How do we keep that heart sweet and soft? We must be on guard and renewed daily through His Word and prayer. We have to keep the heart swept out and polished up so that He can use us in an instant.

So as you read this, please take a minute to reflect. Are you harboring something in your heart, storing up some trash in your soul? Now is the time to clean up...take it to the Lord in prayer. Give it up, throw it out, for we do not know the time or the place that He will chose to use us and we must be found ready.

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