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Monday, February 8, 2010

Ryan Hobson Update

From Elise Wedgeworth Hobson via facebook

Ryan looks so beautiful with all the tubes gone from his face! No oxygen, no feeding tube, and of course no ventilator tube. He only has one IV tube giving him his antibiotics. It's so good to see him talking and laughing. He is still very weak, but still moving in the right direction. Please keep prayin'!!


  1. God bless you Theresa - thank you for your hard work serving our country!

  2. Hi Sis,
    I will continue to pray for these precious ones on your blog. I am always blessed when you come to visit. I know we have not visited often but we can always find each other just a click away. How have you been doing? As for me the Holidays, Furnerals, and health has had alot to do my visits to my sisters, but praise God he is so faithful and has seen me through these past 6 months. Have a great weekend my friend.

    Hugz Lorie


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