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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ryan Hobson Update

Yesterday Elise had the opportunity to go home and get a bit rest. Praise the Lord for that!

Yesterday from Elise Wedgeworth Hobson:

I came home today and took a nap, got a shower, and waved bye to Todd when he left on his trip. I picked up Kylie from choir and now we are home spending time together. It feels good to do "normal" things away from the hospital. I will go back shortly. They tried to wake Ryan up today by stopping the sedation meds but ...he got agitated and his fever spiked. So he's back on the meds again. Maybe we can try again soon.

This just in...
Elise Wedgeworth Hobson [from her Facbook status]
Ryan had a pretty good night. His WBC came up to 2.1 but his platelets are 9 so they are going to give him 2 units this morning. His fever is 102 so they have ice packs in all the key places trying to cool him off. They are going to try to wake him up again this morning. We'll see if he's ready yet.

They tried to reduce his meds yesterday and wake him up but it didn't work that well.

I can not begin to express the thankfulness that I know the family feels for all the prayers. They are seeing God at work and it is because of your intercession. Please continue in prayer.

God is good and He is still in the healing business!

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