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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Prepare to Meet your Maker!

No, this is not some dooms day post...not yet anyway. 

During the Arkansas v. Alabama half-time I was talking to my oldest son, Richard.  After he talked about the first part of the game (Arkansas is winning so far, Go Hogs!) he mentioned he had to be at the church later for practice.  He is not the usual drummer so when he does play he likes a little extra time with the other members of the worship team.

When my phone rang I was in the middle of making my grocery list, which is followed usually by my weekly menu, and then combined with the list we keep on the fridge of things we are running out of or have completely used.  I thought, now that is a lot of preparation for one quick trip into town. 

I mean, we all make many preparations every day, don't we? And if you are a "recovering" planner like me it can sometimes get intense.  But think about it... even chef's have a prep-cook.  Their whole job is cutting and dicing veggies, getting everything ready for the chef to use as he/she needs for the rush of diners. 

As Christians we study and pray to make ourselves ready to be of service to the Lord.  How then do we prepare for that Sunday morning church service?  Is it a state of mind? A state of the heart? 

I think back to when our children were home and I was working a full time job.  Just getting up and making sure everyone was ready to go and still clean when we got in the car could be a harrowing experience, no matter how early we woke up! I shudder at the memory of snotty noses, crying...and why did you have to jump in the mud puddle on the way to the car THIS morning...we are already running late...start to any given Sunday.  Sound familiar?

Now church service can not, should not ever take the place of a personal relationship with the Lord. I mean nothing can replace my one-on-one time, I love the connection I get when I sit here at the desk with my Bible in one hand, cup of coffee in the other, ink pen tucked behind my ear, and Christian music playing softly (sometimes blasting) in the background.  It is where I am shaped and molded, inspired...and where sometimes, I get a little spankin' cause I am not paying attention or I'm trying to do things my way.

But there is just something about the collective worship service.  A group of people, no matter how small or large the crowd, singing down the Spirit until the entire room is filled, sitting with rapt attention as the Pastor brings the Word, then the congregation sings softly, sometimes swaying, as the saints pray silently for the salvation of the seekers in attendance...it is at that altar where lives are forever altered.
Pass me not, O gentle Savior,
hear my humble cry;
while on others thou art calling,
do not pass me by.

Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry;
while on others thou art calling,
do not pass me by.

Remember one thing...this Sunday morning...IN the morning... take a little time out, listen to some good Christian music, whisper a prayer before your feet even hit the floor.  "This is Your day, Lord... I'm gonna focus on you and not worry where we are going to eat lunch, I don't even care if those kids get dirty this morning.  After all, you look on the inside and not the outside. I love you, Lord... thank you for loving me first."

Then take a deep breath and remind yourself, this is the time, the place where I meet my Savior. Reach out and grab hold and do not let Him pass you by...


  1. Such good thoughts. I have the four grandgirls every Saturday night and getting ready for church is quite a chore! Sometimes we're a bit harried. But it's worse on school days!

  2. The Sabbath is my favorite day. He instructed us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. I am so blessed to be a part of a wonderful Body of Christ, in a free country, where I can walk out my front door, without fear, and attend where God has lead and directed me. What a wonderful, oft taken foregranted, gift. This (every day)is the day the Lord hath made. I will rejoice in it. Just put this same thought on my fb earlier this a.m.

  3. Good post. Linked here from Old Geezer's blog. Liked what you had to say there, and was intrigued by the title of your blog. I do some family-based devotionals and columns on Family Fountain. wb

  4. Hello! Just found your blog through comments on Dawn's blog. I really enjoyed this post and agree wholeheartedly. I enjoy listening to gospel music on Sunday mornings as I get ready for church. I can do that now, but I remember the chaotic earlier days when the boys were young and I was so tired by Sunday morning! Retirement does have many benefits!!

    I'll be visiting again!

  5. Now church service can not, should not ever take the place of a personal relationship with the Lord.

    Amen! Sadly many think their relationship with God is all about their church attendance and church work.


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