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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just A Boy

When David faced Goliath he was just a boy. He was prepared, he was full of faith, and he was willing to step out and take action when others were paralyzed with fear. These actions in themselves were enough to set him apart from even the most experienced warrior.

After Saul told David to go ahead and face the giant he dressed David in his armor, but it was too big and bulky. David was not used to it and felt like it would hinder rather than help.

I wonder how many times the Lord calls us to action and we try to do whatever it is dressed in someone else's armor. Depending on the advice of others...people with more experience, better training...instead of just stepping out and doing it the way we would do it...depending on God and God alone to give us guidance. That's the way it should be, right? If the situation called for a little research, then be it...but let us not forget that God called us to our personal mission and not all those others who are so willing to give advice while sitting rigidly in their pews.

Now David, seeing that he can not face the giant in Saul's armor goes to the stream, gathers five smooth stones and sticks them in his pouch and with sling in hand approaches the Philistine. The young shepherd boy and the giant...

1Sam17:41-44 "Meanwhile the Philistine with his shield bearer in front of him, kept coming closer to David. He looked David over and saw that he was only a boy, ruddy and handsome, and he despised him. He said to David, "Am I a dog, that you come at me with sticks?" and the Philistine cursed David by his gods. "Come here, he said, "and I'll give your flesh to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field!"

Can't you just envision Goliath...indignant, incensed...sending a boy to do a man's job! He was after all the most feared warrior in the land...and here they send a boy, a boy!! No armor, no weapons....just a boy and a slingshot...come on!

When looking at the situation with a logical eye...it seemed impossible that David could defeat one so powerful as this giant. It is the same for us when we are faced with adversity...personal problems...relationship, work or school related, financial, problems with our children or our spouses or people within our church. It is the same when we face obstacles while carrying out the mission to which God has called us; be it Sunday School teacher, lay minister, hospitality committee, deacon or board member. We must be diligent to look at each situation through the eyes of the Holy Spirit...full of faith, exercising discretion, which only comes from the Lord.

In verses 45-47 David tells Goliath "you come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will hand you over to me and I'll strike you down and cut off your head." He then promises to feed his carcass to the birds and beasts...and this is the best part..."the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord's..."

When Goliath moved closer to attack him, David ran forward grabbed his stone, struck the giant in the forehead, the stone sunk in and the giant fell face down on the ground. David did as he said he would do and cut Goliath's head off with his own sword.

David made no pretense that what he was about to accomplish was of his own strength or ingenuity...he stated plainly...this battle is the Lord's and He will win...nor did he take credit for the victory the army of Israel experienced that day.

He was prepared, he was willing, he put his faith into action, and gave God the credit for the outcome. David had been armed with a weapon not visible to the naked eye, one more powerful than any warrior could have ever dreamed of possessing or feared facing...a weapon available to us at this very moment...the power of the Lord!

Are you facing adversity or a difficult task...have you been called to action by God? It could be as simple as working in the nursery at church or taking the hand of a friend and introducing them to salvation through the Lord, working with children, teens or adults. No matter the situation, think of the shepherd boy who faced a giant. His deliverance is our deliverance, his power our power...his victory, our victory.


  1. One size armor does not fit all. Just like we were uniquely created by God, our Christian walk is unique to the calling of the Master. Hopefully we use the weapons in our aresnal only as directed by the Holy Spirit and remain sincerely humble as David exemplified. No victory dance, only praise to our Lord from whom all victories come. Great Post

  2. Another great post. Yes, God has fitted each of us as He has seen fit and if we try to do anything outside that we fall into our own strength and effort.

  3. Dear Devoted,
    Blessings to you this day. I returned to your blog and as soon as the music came on my little grand daughter started dancing in circles and twirling in delight. The music won out over her cookie.

    Wonderful post about David and the giant. I'd heard that the extra stones he carried were in case Goliath's brothers came along. One stone for each of them. Little David was prepared to take them all on.

    Enjoyed reading and will return.
    Deanna from the Kansas Flinthills

  4. That is a wonderful lesson. America needs a David to stand up to our Goliath government. ♥ ∞

  5. I pray that I will have the faith of David. He probably stayed close to the river bank in case he needed more than the 5 stones. lol He Would have whipped em all!!


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