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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Life-Cycle of a Blog Post

Like bubbles in the heated mud pits of some long forgotten national park, ideas pop to the surface of the mind. They flow slowly though consciousness and splash freely out of the pen onto bits of scrap paper.

Long ago lessons learned, snatches of childhood memories, or some great revelation hastily scribbled and stashed away. Seedlings of future posts stacked in neat little piles on top of the microwave, scattered haphazardly over the surface of the old writing desk or tucked away in a tiny pink box on the nightstand.

Words planted as in fresh plowed ground...
until time and conditions are just right. Suddenly, a story full of life and color breaks the surface and blooms to entertain, instruct, or bewilder.

Such is the life-cycle of a blog post.


  1. Wow ... that WAS profound!! You really have a gift. Enjoyed it. :o) ♥ ∞

  2. How true! I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary with blogging. I have thought of ending the posts and moving on to something else a number of times. Not because I run out of ideas....but more because of interest. But at least for now, everytime that thought comes up about "calling it good," something happens and I feel "compelled" to write....I'm not sure why...but I trust that feeling! Charge on my friend. Strider

  3. What super writing! You are very talented, my friend! How is Jacob? What's going on with him,?

  4. That's just how it works! A few notes scribbled and then the words and pictures turn into a story. Bloggers actually stop by to read, enjoy and comment. They find a wonderful place a wonderful person and come back to visit again and again.

  5. Hope you feel better soon Theresa. How is Jacob doing? Will remember you both in prayer.

  6. Appreciated the words and the pictures.

  7. Auuum!

    Singamaraja reading your blogs

  8. Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for "Amazing Grace" today. I had that song on my mind!

  9. Fantastic...especially with Amazing Grace accompanying the read! :) I love you Mama Tees!!!


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