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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bloggyland Christmas Tour 2008

Probably not what you are expecting on a tour of this magnitude...I am happy to have been included. Be sure to view the video post just below this one. God bless and stay warm....It's cold here so bring a jacket!

Today is the Christmas bloggyland tour....TODAY!!! I'm nowhere near ready to receive guests...

The house isn't even decorated! If you were expecting something bigger and fancier...well you're gonna have to wait a while for that.

Oh, well come on in...don't mind my attire...I just got up. I know it's late but have a steaming cup of coffee and I'll dig out the biscuits I made last night during one of my middle-of-the-night's, I gotta have something to eat sessions.

No...not that one....that came from the nightstand....now where are the rest? Surely...I didn't eat them all!

Ahhh....there they are. We can just pop them into the mircrowave with a damp cloth and they'll be just like they are fresh from the oven....almost.

Not good enough for a meal this time of day, you say? Hey Barbie, little sister, be a dear and check the fridge for some of those Thanksgiving leftovers. I think the turkey is stuffed way in the back.

I did pick up a tree, though...it was on sale. I hope you remembered to bring your ornaments. This is the tree decorating party portion of the tour. What, Muse didn't tell you that?

My handly little helper, Hunter, was hand-making each one of you these great little birdhouse planters for your gardens. As you can see on his face...he is as surprised as I am that time has slipped up on us.

He's going to work hard and fast to have them completed while we are visiting and eating...hopefully they will be dry before you head over to your next stop.

There....what do you mean....the house needs a roof? Ok, OK....take these instead. Maybe the birdhouses will be finished by our next garden party or something.

Wal-Mart gift cards then it is...for the whole lot of you!

Now that's pretty and the work is done...at least some of you remembered to bring an ornament.

You still here? Oh No...we are not going to start singing now are we? Don't you have another stop... you don't want to be late and miss the sleigh do you?


  1. Bwahahah! You look just like I did this morning - and for part of the afternoon. Jammies. Thanks for the biscuits! Delicious.

  2. Lol! you're funny!
    Merry Christmas in Bloggyland!

  3. T, this is hilarious. Now you have made me hungry for buttery biscuits. You know it doesn't take much to talk about food and my mind goes there. Don't you just love Maxine? I probably am looking like her here in my older days. 3 more days whoo hoo.

  4. Darn, me and Trish will be heading over to your place for bisquits then. LOL--ME'S love bisquits ☺. I just love the dog on the fridge. Blessings..tyvm for coming by my blog..nice meeting you.

  5. This was adorable and so clever!!!

  6. The stop at your blog is a joyous way to end the day! Loved it! I'm amazed at Muse's dedication to having organized such a beautiful event. I look forward to the next!
    Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed and merry Christmas. Sincerely, Petra :))

  7. Thanks for the tour....I loved the cartoons! Merry Christmas. Strider

  8. Lovely tour - thanks for hosting us here at your "pad!"

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a fabulous 2009!

    :^) Anna


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