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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Granna's BIG Adventure

Richard and Cheri celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary on December 17. I kept the boys all day for them to finish up Christmas shopping and to have a little time together. This is how our day went.

First, we ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a few items and the boys decided they wanted to get some words for thier bedroom walls and paint them. I thought...this aught to keep them busy for a couple of hours so why not! When we got home we dug out our trusty painting table cloth and began working.

We mixed blue and red until we came up with the perfect Lonoke Fighting Jackrabbit purple for Hunter's room.

He concentrated hard to ensure he got every single bit of white covered.

Being the Arkansas football fan that he is...Gage chose Razorback red for his room.

He caught me taking pictures...he is such a camera 'hog'

While the paint dried in the dining room the boys decided to play some games. Gage has instructed Hunter to go to the Disney website.

Hunter is scoring lots of points and Gage is clapping for him...but by the look on his face...I'm sure he is thinking it will never be his turn!

Next Hunter wrote a story about Christmas for his blog. Gage wanted his own blog but we told him he had to be in second grade first. Then he told me he didn't want a blog...when I asked why this was his response..."I can't write words, heck, I can't even read words yet!" problem solved

Next it was a good old game of Hands Down. Gage kept slapping down his hand when Hunter wasn't looking...

It didn't take Hunter long to wise up and eventually he won the game.

Since it was too dark to play outside the boys decided to play a little bit of baseball in the house. They used a paperwad just the right size. Gage was up first. This was very interesting to me as each boy had a team of imaginary players. The batter would throw the ball through the livingroom and hall into the dining room. Then he would run the bases while the fielding team...the other brother... would try to get the runner out. If the runner was safe the imaginary player would take over and the real boy would go up for his next at bat. It was the fielding brothers choice if he got the imaginary players out or not.

Sometimes Papa had to act as an umpire on the close calls and he would make the boys do an instant replay in SLOW motion.

The funniest part of the baseball game was that Bruno kept getting the ball before the boys and taking it to Jimmy. I guess he thought they were playing fetch.

We had a fantastic time. Richard and Cheri came to pick them up just a few mintues ago. Wow...the house seems so quite. It won't take but a little while to get everything back in order. Isabella has come out of her hiding place and is only shaking occassionally now. Wonder if it is too early to go to bed yet?


  1. What cute grandsons and it looks like they had so much fun. I'm glad you captured the fun & memories with photos. Rest well tonight!

  2. What a day! Makes me remember when mine were young. God bless Grandmothers! What would our children do without them???

  3. Thanks for sharing your great day with us! Wonderful pictures.

  4. Sounds like great grandpa (ME) should have been there to play too - sorry I missed it! Sounds like you had fun.

  5. This looks like it was lots of fun! I know you must be getting so excited. You are on the countdown down.


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