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Monday, December 8, 2008

A Day of Eights...Ornaments

I got this idea from Drothy over at Counting My Blessings and decided...I'm game. My tree doesn't really have a theme this year. Last year I did this all green balls and green lights thing. It was the most hideous thing I have ever seen in my life. We finally quit turning the lights on. Big mistake...BIG! It is the last time I tried anything artistic. LOL So here are my 8 ornaments on the 8th day of December.

My favorite...I think my sister gave this to me one year.

The oldest...I bought about two dozen of these the year our house burned.

The funniest...because Jake bought it for me the year I took up golf. I love the game...but the game does not love me!

Most memorable because one year I was deathly ill and it was getting close to Christmas and the tree was still not up...I sent Jimmy to the store to pick up some ornaments and he brought home this angel and some other wooden ornaments. I love them all!

UGLIEST...I think you can all guess why I chose this one!


Greenest: One of those balls recycled from last year. It's Army Green and as a tribute to Jake I painted in gold leaf: PVT Kyzer, Jacob - US Army '08 - Delta Dawgs in honor of Delta Company of the 787th Military Police

Christmas topper...it has always been an angel of some kind. We have had this one for about three years, now and when I was taking this picture with my trusty phone I noticed her bulbs are out...Jimmy will have to fix that tonight!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and may God smile down upon you and all you love and care for as we march toward the celebration of His magnificient birth.


  1. These are beautiful ornaments. I gave my tree ornaments to my daughter, Avery's mama. I will decorate, but I haven't had a tree in a while. My mother died 30 years ago next week and Christmas has never been the same. I always try to focus on the meaning and being positive, but it's difficult with the memories right at Christmas. You have such sweet posts.

  2. I especially love the golf ornament. Try as I may, I just cannot play!

  3. That's a good idea. Fun post. Maybe it's even prophetic! 8 is the number for new beginnings. Maybe the new year will bring you and your family a new beginning of some kind. Blessings my friend.

  4. Thanks for sharing your ornaments with us! I really like your tree topper angel!!

    Thank you so much for the Award you gave me!! I'll try to post it soon.

  5. Love the ornaments!!! Our tree is a collection of ornaments that have been given or made by our children and grandchildren and some that are pictures of family members, those are our favorites!!! I have planned to post about this, but you know.. it's the time thingy!!
    There are two awards awaiting you my friend over at my place... come and pick them up!!

  6. I like the angel best.

    RE my last blog entry posting: I suspect you got the layered meaning behind the words, right? :) you were there. You helped. thank you. I'm in process but some clouds have lifted I think. I was so low but it was freeing to jsut get it all out and try to give it up. I still feel on the edge a bit but def. better. Thank you dev.


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