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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surprise....Amy Lent Me a REAL Camera!

Amy & Justin's daughter, Sophie Grace...our beauty queen.

My nephews wife, Amy, who lives next door, felt sorry for me always taking pictures with my telephone and tonight stopped over and let me borrow her digital camera. How cool is that? She said she has a new one on her Christmas list... but she thought with Jake coming home I should use a 'real' camera. That girl has really been a blessing to me! So I am taking it for a test run.

Tonight, as soon as I finish with this post, I am going to start this Bible Study.

This is the book I just started reading....Have any of you done the study or read this book?

I know...several posts each day over the past couple of days. I promise I will slow down a bit and maybe post once a day. Maybe not... :-D God bless you all and hope you are all well and enjoying the cold snap. Except you Lorie...it never got cold when I was stationed in Hawaii...so you just think of us with our 29 degree weather and some are having snowfall!


  1. I read the book He Chose the Nails several years ago, was truly blessed by reading it.

    We had snow yesterday, didn't stick, but snow that doesn't stick is better than no snow at all! (Especially to this Gulf Coast girl.)

  2. I haven't read the books. I usually stick to referred books by the Berean Bible Society (Wisconsin). They are Grace believers as we are.

    Oh, don't slow down! Your posts are always so delightful. It's like having you here and talking to us all. And we love hearing from you. 'Til we meet in the Air .. God bless! ♥ ∞

  3. I'm enjoying your posts. Write when you feel like it - we can keep up!!

  4. I haven't read that book by Eldrige. I've read Wild at Heart and Waking the Dead. I really liked Waking the Dead. Let me know how that read does. Strider

  5. 6 More days. I know you are getting so excited! I don't have a digital camera either. I use my phone to take pictures. That little Sophie is a doll.


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