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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Project Update

Yeah! Jimmy finally got home and got the nail gun working for me...can you tell he is laughing and making fun of me for starting a project like this with out him? And yes, he helped me get the shelves all glued and nailed down...He is such a great guy!!! Trey showed up just about the time we finished putting it together...something about hunting with his boys...smiling here!

Ta....da...here it is! Stained and ready for the trim work. I should have made it about a foot taller. Tomorrow oops, I mean today...I am going over to a local building salvage place and scrounge around for some shutters for that unsightly window that leads into the kitchen.

I'm not so sure this is a two day project afterall!!! Once I get everything finished and get all the books, games, and odds and ends on it...I'll post another photo. Thanks for joining me on this adventure. Bob Villa sure did make it look easier!

God bless and good night.


  1. My husband always tells me I have a false sense of the time required for a project because I watch too much HGTV. (I am not handy, I have projects for him, I am the gardener in the family.) Your shelves look great.

  2. The shelves are shaping up nicely. Speaking of HGTV, I sure am grateful that a TV crew is not filming me during most of my home improvement projects!

  3. nice job - don't overload it - you don't want it to tip over! lol Have a good day w/Jesus.

  4. Well, that would take me an eternity to create! nice job. Good skill to have! Definitely not in my limited carpentry range!

  5. Bob Villa makes EVERYTHING look easier! [lol] I love his show.
    Y'all did a wonderful job! Would you build me one too? [smile] I need to get a nail gun. I'm still building things the old fashioned way: with a hammer. That's too hard on my poor old neck. :o) ♥ ∞

  6. Very nice! Projects are not to be timed in earth time. Black hole time is more like it.

  7. Bob Villa and Norm Abrams have 65 routers each with a bit for each plus lots of off camera help!!!!!! you did good! Have a good rest of the week.

  8. Well Sistah look at *U* !!! You did it all by yourself?? *U* go girl lol.
    I love doing projects like those.. Look at all that space you have now to fit all your goodies on. I need one just for my crafts. Hey can *U* come over and help me with mine *smile*. Thanks so much for your prayers ((((Hugz Lorie)))


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